Flush It Friday: (S)uncertainty

Uncertain Sacred Son

Well, friends, it’s been another week. At least I think. I’ve started not only losing track of time, but space, having started this week remotely in a different state (both of mind and geographically) while still churning through work tasks and trying to remember where I left off the Friday before. Each week of this sweatpants-wearing, VPN-using year has turned into a weird Groundhog Day of similar-but-not-quite-the-same tasks, and all the concerts I was looking forward to as a treat now seem more like a dream I had and less like an item on the calendar. How are you Toileteers handling this state of perpetual liminality? What are you doing to keep you and yours safe from Delta & Co.? What is your level of anger/sorrow/schadenfreude at the Looney Tunes characters perpetuating our state of unknowing?

While you ponder your answers, have a peek at the lovely content our friends assembled for us this week!

Drink listen to coffee metal with 365:

Shirt Stains: COFFEE! METAL! SHIT!

Get into the Ænigmatic weeds with Sepulcrustacean:

Review: Ænigmatum – Deconsecrate

Spooky is on a tear of great reviews, including the latest Vader:

Review: Vader And Friends

eenzamheid goes full metal linguist on Amenra in his first Toilet deep dive:

Amenra Worship: Translating Scripture from the Church of Ra

It’s Bandcamp Friday, as well, so if you’re into Ulvik or whatever else, today’s a good day to support the long-suffering musicians caught in the middle of this shitstorm. Hit me with yer G/B/U(ncertainty)’s below!

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