Flush it Friday: Remembering Tim Aymar (RIP)


Any time I hear Tim’s incredible voice, it brings me back to a time when the internet was still new to me. In between braving the wastelands of Metallica chatrooms on AOL and leaving angsty Away messages, I met a kind lad who brought Blind Guardian, Kamelot, and a slew of other bands to my attention—the most idiosyncratic being Control Denied. Their sole album, The Fragile Art of Existence, is an eclectic mix of power metal (my gateway genre), thrash, and prog death that paved the way for my eventual love of Nevermore and (much later) Howling Sycamore. Despite the masterful musicianship on display, it was Tim’s tortured, operatic vocals that reeled me in and made me a fan for life.

It came as a shock when I read that Tim passed away (at the regrettable age of 59) earlier this week. I don’t have a whole lot more to say besides rest up, king. Blast this track. Hug your buds tight.

Snooty McWords donned his Raybans and reviewed the latest from Dawn Ray’d:

Review: Dawn Ray’d – To Know the Light

Tha Boiz said a bunch of things the unwashed masses aren’t WILLING to on this week’s episode of Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 418 – Rolling Coal to the Gojira Show

Call Hans the Tomb Mold Raider, because he dug up a rotting s l a b of a premiere this week, courtesy of the ghouls in Sepolcral:

Album Premiere: Sepolcral – Scourge

Speaking of buds, I hung out with some good ones in this Minis roundup. Taste buds >>>. Toilet Buds >>>>>>>>>:

Mini Reviews From Around the Bowl (2/16/23)

Plop your G/B/Us down in the comments, you know how this goes by now. ~<3 Roldy

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