Premiere: Sulphur Sun – “Trilobite Thief”


I hear you guys like weird death metal.

Sulphur Sun isn’t a name I’d heard before; with only a single released in 2017 and a three-song EP in 2013, they’d flown well under my radar until recently. With today’s premiere, however, they’ve very much grabbed my attention. Hearing that it’s prog death featuring Dallas Toler-Wade (Narcotic Wasteland, ex-Nile) on guitar was already exciting enough, but hearing it executed does way more than simple name recognition could. Hit play on this bad boy and you’ll see what I mean.

“Trilobite Thief” is equal parts riff and atmosphere, interspersing sludgy open chords and thrumming bass with the sort of pummeling tremolo-driven death metal you’d expect to hear from Nile alumni. It shifts partway through to some hideous dissonant riffs, but it’s relatively simple compared to most acts bearing the “dissonant death metal” moniker, kept in check by a simple, clear drum beat. The vocals are particularly dynamic, especially for death metal, going through a wide range of screams, throat-singing, clean vocals, and spoken word. This song is an adventure, and it’s impressive how much is packed into its six minute run time.

Placodermic Heraldry releases on October 30th, available on Sulphur Sun’s Bandcamp. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook as well.

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