Flush it Friday: Absence Makes the Riffs Grow Siqqer


How many times have you waited for an album for nearly 10 years and the band actually pulls through for you? There are myriad things that can occur in this time, from within yourself and without. Preferences change: breakdown lust gives way to the geriatric urge for grandpa’s guitar interludes. The U.S. shuffles in another goof or two into the Oval Office. And Darkest Era continues sharpening their blades on a diamond-plated whetstone. That’s right, the Irish trad/folk/thrash beasts are back at the end of this month, hot cold on the tail of 2014’s cochall deimhnithe clasaiceach, Severance. I’ve yet to get my talons on a promo, but the singles on Bandcamp for Wither on the Vine are quite tantalizing. It’s still early, but if the rest of the album holds up this level of quality, I’ll finally have ridden a hype-train with a destination other than crushing disappointment.

But you know what is never a crushing disappointment? These here intrepid flushers!

Hans wrote one Hegel of a review for the latest slab from Sublation:

Sublation – The Path to Bedlam

Tha Boiz talked about Dave Mustaine so you had to think about him, and actually I’m very upset about this, thanx Toilet Radio!

Toilet Radio 391 – The Liberty University Dept of Heavy Metal

Spear hung up his OSDM club and took down a LASER CLUB from the cavern wall. The result is this Martyred premiere:

Premiere: Martyred – “Shadows of Deception”

Which comeback/long waits have you been genuinely happy with? Let me know along with your G/B/Us! ~<3 Roldy

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