Flush It Friday: New Year’s Flush


Ahh, yes, the last day of a truly cursed year. Tomorrow brings a bold new future, where our two-party political system will be obliterated, hailing a new golden age of prosperity for all. Black metal will become the genre of acceptance. DMU will become a respectable website, run by folks whose band mates don’t need to be made fun of. We will PRAISE DEATH and enjoy Dionysian aesthetics. That’s all to say, we’ve been around this alabaster bowl quite a few times—and I hope to flush another year with all of you.

Eenzaamheid rocked this review of the latest lithic s l a b from Mineral Reflectance:

Review: Mineral Reflectance – Des Chemins de Vie

The Boiz talked flooded homes and Ozzy’s NFTs (called SHAAAAROOOOOOONNNNz btw):

Toilet Radio 346 – The Future, Now!

Hans looked a gift Norse in the mouth:

Review: Norse – Ascetic

How do you plan to execute 2021? Tell me about your year-killing rituals below, alongside the obligatory G/B/Us. Much love. ~Roldy <3

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