Flush it Friday: The “Calm” Before Listen Season


Remember January through March? Same. As I write this article (3 minutes before it’s supposed to be posted), I find myself woefully behind with 2020’s plethora of music. I find it very unlikely that all of the tunes I enjoyed this year came from the first few months, but, like most of us, the constant erosion of normality has taken up quite a lot of bandwidth. Skimming my most recent purchases, I find myself thinking “yes, this was enjoyable, but does it belong on a list? Am I clout-chasing by tossing this in without really getting to know it first?” Back in January, I was complaining (a favorite pastime) about a lack of interesting material. 2020, being a malignant monkey’s paw of a year, has since seen fit to shove the planet in lockdown and bury me up to my beak in new releases that I’m far too exhausted to wade through.

Y’all Disqus folk have lists you’re working on?

Sepulcrustacean got his carapace Possessed by Steel:

Possessed Steel – Aedris

The flood of new releases continued, unthinking, unknowing, unstoppable:

This Toilet Tuesday (11/24/20)

Spear stuffed some tech into our greedy, greedy mouths. For this, we thank him:

Techsgiving 2020

Carcassbomb is back to free you of financial burdens and to free your neck from existence:

Free Flush Vol 7

G/B/Us, lists, how much you hate lists, you know what to do down there.

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