Flush it Friday: Vacation Time Dilation


It’s only been a week since I wrote the last FiF and headed out for vaca, but it feels like the merol sphere has been especially busy in this brief span of time. (This goes for 2022 releases in general; it’s never felt this difficult to keep up! Just take a look at my Bandcamp wishlist!)


Discord’s been bumpin’, hot #Content has painted the walls of this bowl, and I’m merely a passenger this time around, so I’ll hush up and get you the recap post-haste!

A Spooky Mansion took an in-depth look at anarchist black metal through the lens of the latest Falls of Rauros:

Review: Falls Of Rauros – Key To A Vanishing Future

Tha Boiz watched Lords of Metal so you do/don’t have to!:

Toilet Radio 365 – The Metal Lords Episode

Hans bore witness to the triumphant return of I, Voidhanger Records with a weirdo double review:

Voidhanger Double Feature: ZOS and -S-

Anticosmic, antifascist black metal? Spear’s on the premiere, Tyrannus-style:

Premiere: Stream Tyrannus’s “Unslayable” In Full

What have you been jamming that came out this week? Let me know alongside your G/B/Us! <3 Roldy

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