TMP: Scorched, Gorod, Venom Prison, and More!


News moves at you pretty fast, if you don’t stop and click around once in a while, you could miss hits.

New death metal from Scorched, album out September 28.

New track from Benighted off an upcoming EP.

Automb (Morbid Angel and Necrophagia members) released a track.

  • Schammasch is working on new material.
  • Premiere from Bonehunter.
  • Lucifer’s Child (let’s call him Rick) is a new band made up of some known people. Details here.
  • Another track from Future Usses. Not blown away by the first one, hope this is better.
  • Mutilated by Zombies is death metal. Here’s a new track.
  • Cattle Decap announced some new members.
  • KEN Mode has some new tour dates in the US and Canada.
  • Muddy Roots fest in TN has some metal.
  • New Mirrors for Psychic Warfare track.
  • The Contortionist is touring with Intervals.
  • Atreyu decided one track premiere wasn’t enough.
  • New funeral doom from Evoken.
  • Blood of Serpents has a new one.
  • New track from Stillbirth.
  • Rise of the Northstar has new music that has a big ol dumb breakdown.
  • Horrendous has a few East Coast dates this winter with Tomb Mold.
  • New track from Starkill.
  • New doom from Famyne.
  • Venom Prison finish tracking a new album.
  • Gorod announced a new album with a preview.
  • Mos Generator is touring the US.
  • Two untimely deaths this week, Weedeater’s Carlos Denogean and We Came as RomansKyle Pavone.
  • This Metal Allegiance thing won’t go away. New track.
  • New Clutch before the release next Friday.
  • Yet another Korpiklaani.
  • Northward is music, I think.
  • Newish track from Mantar.
  • Rivers of Nihil have a new music on Apple Music (?)
  • New Dragonlord (Testament), album out late September.
  • Vulcain is Motorhead core, new track.
  • New Skalmold is not a ska version of Tomb mold, sadly.
  • Ultra-wide video from Battalions.
  • The Order of Apollyon is insane.
  • Metalucifer is pretty lulbuttzy to me, but I’m sure one of you will like it.
  • Killswitch Engage, Born of Osiris, Crowbar, Death Ray Vision NA tour.
  • Fuckhead Fronz assaulted security dudes.
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