Flush it Friday: Late as AF and Written on Mobile Edition


Hello Flushers, today I write to you from deep underground, in a rank, dank parking garage. This week was p shid*, besides today’s game-changing news that my 7-months of unemployment are finally coming to an end. My first thought was of financial security. My next was that it would be a big adjustment not to lurk minute to minute 25/8 on the Toilet and our Discord server. Don’t worry though, you’ll not be rid of me that easily.

*Other than the S L A B S ov content you lovely people wrote.

Spear premiered this siqq Iniq:

Album Premiere: Dead World Reclamation – “Aura of Iniquity”

Carcassbomb only flushes with free shid:

Free Flush Vol 9

Tha Boiz talked about that creep from Ministry with special guest, Maggie Serota:

Toilet Radio 303 – Silent Ministry (w/ Maggie Serota)

Sepulcrustacean tempted the abyssal entities with a review of Grave Miasma’s latest:

Review: Grave Miasma – Abyss of Wrathful Deities

How’s your week been? Slather me up in the G/B/Us you know I crave.

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