Flush it Friday: Windmillers, How You Do It Like That? Edition


I made my way out to Brighton Music Hall last night with Discord gudboi Hazy and caught Wake, Conjurer, and Khemmis for what was a truly rambo-bangin’ good time. Beyond the tight performances and tired owl talons, my takeaway was the ridiculous stamina of Conjurer’s bassist, who windmilled more intensely than nigh any band member I’ve seen before. Just bobbing my head along to the music, my neck feels like absolute garbage today; I cannot imagine how this behavior is sustainable in any way for a single show, let alone an entire tour. I wanted to ask him at the merch table, but I opted for a timid “That was disgusting. In a good way!” accompanied by awkward thumbs up instead. Investigative journalism at its finest! The world may never know.

What we do know is that the content be dropping in thick logs lately!

I biomechanical-heartily recommend the debut ælbum from Metasphæra:

Review: Metasphæra – S/T

Badger is on board as a new contributor; we’ll make sure he comes to no Orme:

Review: Orme – S/T

Joaquin Stick premiered this bangin’ track from Rannoch at the disco:

Track Premiere: Rannoch – “Daguerreotype”

Minis for ants from heavyweight goliath beetles Hans, Joaquin Stick, and Snooty McWords:

Mini Reviews From Around the Bowl (5/4/23)

Bob Genghis Khan let out a glass-shattering falsetto in support of Enforcer‘s newest:

Review: Enforcer – Nostalgia

So am I just missing out on some pre-show neck exercises? Do y’all stretch or anything before heading to the venue? Extend your wisdom alongside your G/B/Us! ~<3 Roldy

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