Flush It Friday: Halloween Edition


It’s Halloween weekend, the zenith of the entire year. Get in here and show off your terrible costume.

First off, go ahead & play this:

And now prepare yourself for All Hallow’s Eve, the night when even the most buttoned-down middle-aged dentist can let loose and don ridiculous fishnets for a Dr. Frank N Furter costume, or something more even more elaborate. The night when metalheads of all ages will try, at least once, to assemble their best corpse paint & spikes costume in the hopes of freaking out the squares with their knowledge of all things kvlt (hint: it won’t work and everyone will think you’re Alice Cooper or Gene Simmons). The night when even the crappiest, lowest budget horror movies become brilliant gospel and everything seems right in the world, if only for a brief, bloody moment.

As per our usual custom, here is your weekly opportunity to gripe with your fellow flushketeers. Tell us the good, the bad and ugly of the last 7 days. And while you’re at it, fee free to share your Halloween costume from this or past years and the story behind them.

To help get you started and/or give you some what-has-been-seen-cannot-be-unseen nightmares, here’s a smattering of TovH authors in our October best.



“This Papier-mâché Jack in the Box head is probably my crowning Halloween achievement. I just wish I had been a little more careful when cutting the eye-holes because I honestly couldn’t see anything while wearing it. I also had to drink beer through a straw, which was weird.”

Papa Joe


“I was an idiot when I was 19, just like everyone else. Also, David St. Hubbins is by far the least fun costume in Spinal Tap.”



“You can’t see it here but the cloak covers stilts that make me just under 8 ft tall, and that’s a full-head silicone mask that moves with my face. I can’t eat anything, I have to drink through a straw and the mask is 200 degrees inside, but the reactions I get are well worth it.”

Ron Deuce


“Dressing up as white trash for Halloween is very easy if you’re caucasian. The formula is simple: just add trash. Within mere moments of donning this costume, I was miraculously transformed into your standard mobile home/meth lab owner. The Curl of The Burl beard was not part of the original costume, it was later commandeered from another attendee at the party I was at.”

Randall Thor


“I’ve been a guido twice.”



“Speedos + fanny packs + white dad sneakers is a win. Not pictured: sneakers, decency.”

 Nina Osegueda


“Last year’s epic Halloween: our producer (Kevin Gutierrez) as Dr. Rockzo, my guitarist as a Jedi, me as Harley and my bass player drunk in a kilt.”

Jimmy McNulty


“This is me trying to be Abbath but only giving myself one day to make the costume! D’oh, so much potential wasted. Turns out nobody knows who Abbath is and everyone thought I was Ace Frehley.”


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