Flush it Friday: Toilet ov Hell 2!


Hello my dumplings, my Toileteers, my bidet buds, it’s ya boi Roldy here with some fantastic news! Beginning today, you may notice some changes around the site. First off, we’ve installed a paywaldgeflüster that can only be passed using $MEGA coins (minted fresh in the vacuous depths of Dave Mustaine’s noggin). We want you to feel a sense of accomplishment when you read a TovH post, and we think this will make every article a rewarding experience for everyone involved! Next up, we’ve got a seasonal battle jacket pass that will allow you to unlock and showcase an exclusive set of NergFTs from the Hercvlean Himbo himself! (Note: These NergFTs can be used to desecrate your Disqus PFP, letting like-minded blasphemers know you’re ready to stack up some christgrinding revenue!)

Toilet ov Hell 2 comes in several tiers, including the “W H I P S W A C K” and “I FOUND OUT WHY –” editions, and for the connoisseur, our coveted “You don’t praise DEATH, you know nothing of anti-cosmic philosophy OR true death and black metal, you are just a bunch of lifers trying to get girls or whatever it is you want, your “art” will never have any impact because it isn’t grounded in any metaphysical thought, you’re just a bunch of scenesters, face it” tier. More details can be found here.

Riff Raff returned to discuss metal lyrics. Bold? Yes. Foolish? Yes.

Riff Raff Podcast [EP.63] Lurrikal Geniouses

Tha Boiz (ft. special guest Ross Sewage (Exhumed, Ludicra)) continued the Toilet Radio Spooktacular with a look at Body Melt:

Toilet Radio 398 – Body Melt (feat. Doktor Ross Sewage)

A Spooky Mansion is handing out full-size candy bars with these Halloween review roundups:

Spooky’s Halloween Trifecta Part I: The Costume Contest

Jimmy McNulty Deathsieged the means of riffduction with this premiere album stream:

Album Premiere: Deathsiege – Throne of Heresy

G/B/U below, and if you’re feeling X-tra spicy, draw a TovH2 logo! Stupid ideas only.

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