Track Premiere: Rannoch – “Daguerreotype”


Prog death is having one hell of a year, and I am thrilled to premiere another genre-pushing track by Rannoch

This UK trio, accompanied by Dan Presland (Ne Obliviscaris, Black Lava) on drums, shows off technicality, aggression, and memorable, soulful songwriting on their upcoming release, Conflagrations. “Daguerreotype” is the perfect pick for the first single, as it demos everything they expand upon on the rest of the record. The angular, groovy opening riff, excellent solo, and tempo change that leads to an explosive finale are just a small sample of the flexibility of this band (including some sweet Alice In Chains cleans on the title track). 

Here’s what the band had to say about the track:

“Daguerreotype depicts the sorry tale of a Victorian Memento Mori photographer. Spending countless, lonely hours in the presence of the dead, in continual contact with all manner of chemicals used in early photography, when would your grip on reality begin to slip?”

In the context of the album, this is a perfect overture for the epic-length finale, easily one of the most exciting pieces I’ve heard this year. 

I’ve had many favorite labels over the years, and while their outputs change as often as my taste does, I recently found myself lacking a go-to. I was starting to lean towards their direction anyway, but with this upcoming Rannoch release, you can consider me a full-on Willowtip fanboy. 

Preorders should be available on May 5th at Willowtip before the July 21st release. 

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