For Dhwesha, Everything Old Is New Again


Greetings and salutations, my fellow flushers. I’ve got another great band for your auditory enjoyment. There’s just not enough of those on the Toilet, right?

Are you currently a resident of Ferguson, Missouri? Has the new In Flames got you down? Has living under the regime of a order obsessed power hungry pacifist who wears shitty kimonos and whose idea of a good time is singing commercial jingles forced you to live in the sewers eating burgers of questionable meat? Does all of this make you want to rage and smash someones fucking skull in? Dunkelheit Productions may just have the solution for you.

Yours truly relishes senseless violence born of anger and strife, and few things in music embody violence in audio form as well as OSDM (that’s old school death metal for you posers). Take that time honed template, add a local perspective born of a country full of political and social chaffing, and the epic, violent folklore that comes with it, and BAM you get Bangalore, India three-piece Dhwesha and their excellent full length debut Sthoopa.

Seriously, it’s like someone sat these young men down and had them listen to Last One on Earth and The IVth Crusade on repeat for a month straight, then gave them instruments and said “make something.” Lurching mid paced death metal of the early 90’s variety complete with riffs able to dent steel and drums equivalent to curb stomping some lifelover for fucking your girlfriend on your favorite pleather couch, weaving tales of ancient gods and battle sure to satiate your thirst for bloodshed. A healthy dose of melody and searing solos, which was a rarity for many (not all) of those old timers, is added into the mix. Things like the acoustic intro to the track Dhwesha or the soloing in the middle mark of “Yuddhabhumi,” in this criminal mastermind’s opinion, makes this band stand out among the multitude of bands currently aping Incantation and Autopsy (though l love those too.).

Go to the Bandcamp and stream/purchase Sthoopa, which is out now on Dunkelheit Productions, or like them on Facebook and tell them personally how awesome they are. And tell them Mr. Phoenix sent ya.
But don’t tell them my current location, or I promise the cops will never find your body.

Mosh and be well, flushers.

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