We Sell The Dead – Turn It Over: A Video Breakdown


To every season turn, turn, turn.

We Sell The Dead is a heavy metal band featuring current and former members of In Flames, Firewind, and HIM. According to this Blabbermouth article that definitely wasn’t just a press release re-posted onto the site,

“We Sell The Dead goes beyond the strains of conventional storytelling and create a multi-media experience of premium quality heavy metal music embedded in visually stimulating and atmospheric visuals.

Heavy-yet-melodic sounds transport the listener into a Victorian inspired world that is defined by pompous manors and daunting luxury standing in deep contrast to the harshness and cruelty of the gutter. It is a world that reeks of hysteria, but, above all, a sense of mysticism and dark romanticism. WE SELL THE DEAD‘s music rises above this, not merely pointing out this injustice, but expanding the narrative into the extreme, playing with themes of ghosts, death or religion.”

Uhhhhhhh huh. Those are certainly words that form sentences. That’s not why I’m interested in We Sell The Dead. I’m interested in We Sell The Dead because of their recent music video for the song “Turn It Over”. It looks like it was made on the finest Apple Macintosh computers available. Take a look for yourself.

0:10: We’re either on Mars or Red Rocks.
0:17: I’m sure glad they zoomed in a bit. Really helps us understand the setting.
0:23: This is a point-and-click adventure, isn’t it?
0:28: Instead of it being set in a haunted mansion, it’s set on the background of Total Recall.
0:34: Between the gravity and wearing clown shoes, it’s going to take him forever to get to his destination.
0:45: This was made recently, ladies and gentleman.
0:51: Since there is a train in the video, I awesome the song is all about boning.
1:12: First the train, now phallic smoke. I see where this is going.
1:18: I GET IT! Instead of “God” it says “Gold” because money and stuff!
1:29: I guess they didn’t have eyebrows in Victorian times.
1:38: My word. What’s all this then?
1:50: I wish Lemmy was still around just so we could hear here is reaction to this.
1:58: He probably wouldn’t care, but I just want to hear his usual low-key half-joking response.
2:06: See?! This video is all metaphors for banging.
2:15: Metaphors done in the most hilarious fashion imaginable.
2:22: He’s the humanized equivalent of Droopy.
2:30: You’ve got red on you.
2:42: Yes, the coins look scary, but they actually have delicious milk chocolate inside.
3:03: So this is how shoegaze got started.
3:14: That’s how they used to cart people out of Blood For Blood shows.
3:23: They’re never going to be able to dig a hole if they keep shoveling nothing.
3:39: Thanks for coming back from the dead to murder a whole bunch of people, Lemmy! We miss you!
3:46: The scene was so good they just had to use it again.
3:56: Money for nothing, chicks for free.

We Sell The Dead’s album Heaven Doesn’t Want You And Hell Is Full is out on February 23rd via Ear Music.

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