Lizzy Borden – Long May They Haunt Us: A Video Breakdown


40 whacks with a wet noodle, Bart.

Lizzy Borden’s career as a heavy metal band in America is a particularly interesting one. Founded in 1983, the band signed to Metal Blade Records after appearing on the label’s Metal Massacre IV compilation. For all the big name metal bands that have contributed to those compilations, on this particular edition, Trouble and Lizzy Borden were the only ones to have a long lasting career. Though they never had a number one song or a major breakout album, the band managed to carve out a nice career. The band even appeared in the always enjoyable rockumentary The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years. Their contribution was, uh, not the best part of the movie.

With the rise of grunge and everyone feeling bad about themselves, Lizzy Borden went on hiatus for much of the 90’s, with a reformation in the early 2000s until guitarist Alex Nelson’s death. Many bands would have (and should have) called it quits after that. There’s only so much nostalgia that can keep a hair metal band going before it devolves into ridiculous things like two bands touring under the same name (hi L.A. Guns!) or just being kind of weird (hi Geoff Tate!). Lizzy Borden went in different direction and totally revamped their image.

The new image fit in with a heavier sound, at least on their single “Tomorrow Never Comes” a song I genuinely like. The whole thing just works in that instance. Not so much on a song about the dangers of cutting. After some tours and festival appearances, not much happened for Lizzy Borden. The band remained fairly silent…until now. Did the image reboot remain? Are we back to big hair and spandex? Something new? Let’s find out.



Uhhhhh…huh. I was not expecting the “Angsty Raccoon that’s been up all night watching The Crow movies because I’m 16 and dad can’t tell me what to do” look.


Looks like he’s stealing some of S.H.O.U.T.’s sweet moves.


Night Of The Demons 5: The Haunted Moisturizer


Am I the only one that really wants some Zebra Cakes right now?


Oh, hi Mark! I love Lizzy Borden so much!


Myrkur is peacing out.


It’s probably worth pointing out that Lizzy is in his mid 50’s. Just FYI, Dunno if that changes how you feel about the video or not.


His makeup makes me want to watch the delightfully ridiculous criminally underrated Repossessed.


You have my permission to use this gif any time someone tries to defend corpse paint.


Lizzy Borden’s album My Midnight Things is out on June 15th via Metal Blade Records.

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