Toilet Radio 308 – The Ken Mary (Fifth Angel, Flotsam and Jetsam, Jesse & The Rippers) Interview


Ian, our chief Gen X Correspondent, takes the reigns on this week’s Toilet Radio. Ian sat down with Ken Mary to discuss a lifetime behind the drums and the mixing boards of some of metal’s biggest and longest-running acts. Ken’s currently drumming with Flotsam and Jetsam and, now that they’ve all recovered from COVID, new material is coming your way imminently. Ken and Ian discuss the intricacies of recording with analog and digital equipment (BONUS: Kemper talk for you big ol guitar dorks!) Ken describes working with Terry Date on the first Fifth Angel records before Terry worked on a butt ton of platinum records, playing in front of tens of thousands of fans with Alice Cooper, and his work on the skins with Full House’s John Stamos in Jesse & The Rippers. Good lord this is an excellent interview.

Music featured on this sode:
Fifth Angel – Time Will Tell from Time Will Tell 

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