Toilet Radio Gets Tech with BRAIN DRILL


On this weedily-deedily-delightful episode of Toilet Radio, we’re talking with Dylan Ruskin, mastermind of long-running extreme tech band Brain Drill. Join us as we talk about the old days of promoting music on MySpace, self-releasing a record, getting your mail stolen by tweakers, and fuckin’ POSERS that can’t play their own music. ALSO, me and 365 discuss the crowdfunding campaigns put up by Mike IX Williams and Bruce Corbitt to help pay for their healthcare expenses. It’s a good-ass episode, folks.

Music featured on this show:
Brain Drill – “Boundless Obscenity” from Boundless Obscenity (Facebook)(Bandcamp)(Get the CD from Amputated Vein Records)
Dagger – “Hollow” from Dagger (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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