Flush it Friday: So Long, Stink Town!


It’s mu’fuggin Friday.

I did it. After 7 months of an endless commute, I’m finally gonna get outta San Antonio. No more endless slogs on Interstate 35. No more getting whacked by drunk tourists on e-scooters. No more goddamn Alamo.

Let’s look at the highlights from the week.

We watched Lords of Chaos and were pleasantly surprised by how it didn’t suck.

Toilet Radio 194: Lords of Chaos was OK

Richter returns to riggidy-wreck wreck wreck himself.

Review Time: Wreck and Reference — Absolute Still Life

Y’all picked the best albums of 2009. Or did you?

List: Your Top Albums ov 2009 Revealed

Spear went and got us blacklisted by Metal Blade.

Review: Batushka – Hospodi

Sick of It All gets it.

Sick Of It All – Self Important Shithead: A Video Breakdown

Otto commands you to check out the new reissues of one of his favorite black metal bands.

Get On These Alghazanth Re-releases, Scrub

And I command you to have a good time, all the time. I’m fuckin’ outta here. *cue Don’t You Forget About Me*

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