Get in Here for New Grind: Bump n’ Grind, Vol. II


Greetings, lifelovers. I’m disappointed in the lack of grind here lately, so I’ve escaped the closet to bring you more bumpin’ and grindin’. Grind is love. Grind is life. Get in here and get down.

Spawn from Deceit

I figured I’d just go ahead and start with something absolutely devastating right from the beginning. New Thrones, an EP by Spawn from Deceit was released back in May, but man oh man, this is some brutal stuff. This band of deviants from the imaginary land of Finland plays an absolutely bludgeoning brand of grindcore heavy on the death metal influence. There are enough d-beats, blasts, shredding solos, growls, and breakneck tempo shifts here to level an entire city. Don’t pass on this. Stream the EP on Bandcamp and keep your eyes out for a 7” in the near future.

The Oily Menace

Talk about a killer name! Even before I pressed play on the first of Piece by Piece’s two 10+ minute epic blasts of grind, the band’s moniker had planted an image of some coal-rolling giant squid rising from the deep. As it turns out, that image is the perfect description for the band. Transitioning from Pig Destroyer style doom to Cattle Decapitation-esque storms of deathgrind to Nine Inch Nails Downward Spiral-inspired industrial sound effects and everything in between, this album is a big hot mess of tentacled violence, and I love it. Download it for free and give this monstrous cephalopod some love.


Do you like menacing riffs, trash-can snares, and phlegmy growls? Of course you do! SKUZ are a relatively new two-piece from New Jersey that bring you some raw and dirty grind in short, painful bursts. This is the perfect soundtrack to trashing some B Dubs Bro’s house in a drunken rager. Grind on! Give these guys a listen and download the demo at Bandcamp.


Worse bring the powerviolence. From that distortion-fed drum intro to the mean riffs and cymbal ride that follow, Worse start things off with a bang on their self-titled release. This release is easily the most hardcore of all the albums gathered here, and it touches me in all the right places. Short, punishing, d-beat driven songs? Check! Animalistic shrieks and low, heavy chords? Check! Rage? Double check! Stream Worse on Bandcamp and give these guys a download.


I’ve saved the weirdest for last. Steve Jobs Autopsy Report is a split between two masters of strange, violent music. The first half is curated by Human Fluid Rot, a purely noise group that bombards you with static and disconcerting sound effects. This would be right up Christian’s alley. The second half is dominated by Copmuter and brings the cybergrind. This reminds me of The Berzerker, and if you know me, you know that I love and miss those hateful Aussies. This is definitely an unconventional mix, but to quote Funkadelic, “I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe. I was not offended.” So get on your computer and rage over at Bandcamp.

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(Joe Note: Today is W’s birthday! Don’t mention anything to him about it though. He’s self-conscious about getting older and the possibility of losing his hair.)

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