Premiere: Exocytosis invite you to taste the “Spoiled Meat” and get nasty


What do you get when you mix the weirdo death metal of Pan.Thy.Monium with the sensual allure of the saxophone and the sweet caress of flamenco-style guitar? Curious heavy music specimen or extreme music abomination? Friends, allow me to introduce you to Exocytosis, and the nuanced, intoxicating nastiness of “Spoiled Meat.”

Self-professed inheritors of progressive progenitors like Edge of Sanity and Ophthalamia, Höör, Sweden’s Exocytosis seek to carve their own path in the often rigid extreme music landscape with their own infectious take on heavy. “Spoiled Meat,” the fourth track from their upcoming EP, gives you a taste of the potent chemical cocktail in store on Endogenous Organism. I’m pleased as hell to give you that taste and to hold your hair back while you ralph up these delectably off-putting riffs due to your stomach’s weak constitution.

“Spoiled Meat” opens with a wind-swept, grime-caked acoustic passage before kicking you straight into the lurch with a pneumatic start-and-stop riff that acts as the foundation for the whole sour track. Things quickly morph though once the desert mescaline (stealthily injected while you were inspecting the landscape during that flamenco lick) kicks in, and before you know it a giant sax riff is looming above the guitar lines, poised and dripping with a caustic (but seductive) venom. The track cycles through several more spasms like this, odd percussion, scale-climbing death riffs, and sax each taking center stage to vie for your meager attention, but none ever overstaying their welcome.

In short, “Spoiled Meat” is the perfect introduction to Exocytosis. If you love weird old 90s death and off-the-wall riffs, there will be plenty to love. If you miss Maudlin of the Well, buddy, you’re in luck. And even if you just want to hear some gruesome growls over saxy skronk, there’s plenty to go around. What’s not to love/get sick over?

Endogenous Organism is out next week, August 25th. Pick it up here on Bandcamp and toss the band a like on Facebook.

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