Flush it Friday: Bad Dudes


It is Friday. Before we light this week on fire and send it out to see, let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Things have been pretty crazy in the world lately. It’s impossible to keep up with all the weird things happening, like Marco Rubio getting owned on national television by rude teens or the Governor of Missouri getting fucking arrested. In between all this craziness it’s essential that you don’t forget one thing: That Phil Labonte went on InfoWars and whined to Milo Yiannopolis that MetalSucks has been cyberbullying him.

Here are some of the best posts of the week:

First up, we were joined by Christian Molenaar to discuss what a poor idea it is to got $200,000 into debt trying to make it as a rapper.

Toilet Radio teaches you how to destroy your life

Sepulcrustaceon took us on a guided tour of Chile’s best underground metal.

Catacomb Ventures: Chilean Death Mysticism (Part 1)

One of my favorite writers wrote about one of my favorite new bands.

Devil Master (Loud Guitar Goth Lives!)

Brendan Sloan dropped by to write a guest review of the siqqq new Knelt Rote

Knelt Rote Push Towards The Extreme On Alterity

Link made the (frankly absurd) claim that Ocarina of Time is the greatest game of all time. (It’s clearly Bad Dudes, duh)

The Link-Up Spell: Jamming the 3D axis with the Nintendo 64 (Part II)

We’re making our way through the thick of the most innovative guitarist in metal competition. Get part one of this week here:

The Most Innovative Guitarist In Metal Right Now Tournament: Round 3

And part two here:

The Most Innovative Guitarist In Metal Right Now Tournament: Round 3 Cont.

I added a new goal to our Patreon so check that out and drop some dimes if you wanna contribute. That’s it for me, folks. The floor is yours. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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