Get Your Holiday Toilet ov Hell Gear


You want the merch? We got the merch. Get it now before Xmas!


It’s been a good long while since we’ve had Toilet merch for sale. Dumpster Lung has been in need of a size small OG design so we’re relaunching our original shirt design with Lauren Gornik’s art for one last tee AND a hoodie because it’s cold as hell outside and I need one.

Get the OG tshirt and hoodie here

Also, I’ve created a brand new design that we will never, ever, ever reprint for reasons that should be obvious. Get a tshirt to commemorate our final (and possibly funniest) feud of the year. Sin Banana of Striborg himself said, “TOH no nothing about wave music”. He is so correct that I felt the need to make this shirt. It’s also available as a longsleeve, but because no online print shop has figured out obnoxious on-sleeve printing, it is not trve nor is it brutal.

Get the Angery Black Metal Guy shirt here.

Please note that these items SHOULD get to you before Xmas but there’s not much time left. Order now and delight your grandparents and significant others with pristine Toilet merch!

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