Show Us Your Haul: The Return of the Mailmanbro


We here at the Toilet ov Hell love our physical media. In the form of vinyl, tapes, CDs and shirts the ever-loving Mailmanbro brings us parcels to our doorsteps with a skip in his step and a smile on his face. You know what time it is. Show us your haul.

I’m just gonna get right down to things. No sense in blathering about some nonsensical stuff (though I will probably do that again at some point) when we’re all just here to drool at our computer and phone screens as we gaze upon the mighty Mailmanbro’s work. The whole team of Mailmanbros and Mailmanbroettes deserve every ounce of praise we give them and they still, without fail, bring us the goods. I commend thee, O valiant Mailmanbro, I commend thee.

First up we have Ann Coulter and a massive Black Crown Initiate haul

zack munez
Next we have the shining Spear showing off his love for the Toilet and old-school Skronk

Mailmanbro gave Richter a few highly regarded pieces from Sortilegia, Howls of Ebb and Crowhurst

Jom Pooterson received a few CDs from Mailmanbro along with some oddly placed severed cat limbs

Mailmanbro provided Ed with some sweet threads to keep his back covered

But wait, Mailmanbro has HM-Deuce’s back covered too, and is helping to keep his beer cold. Ata-boy!

SMOHLG received some Heavy works to include a masterful Bathory album

Mailmanbro finally manages to bring Elegant Gazing Globe something new!!! But also brings him some classic Maiden

Jack Bauer feels how great a sin can be with Revocation and friends

Mailmanbro provided me with some much needed Bathory albums, some sick Dungeon Synth and music from around the Toilet

And finally, Mailmanbro has out detectived the toilet’s detective and found out where McNulty lives, delivering some Dormant Ordeal to his doorstep

Now it is your turn, our faithful readers. Share with us your mighty haul and sing Mailmanbro praises from across the globe. T-shirts, Cds, vinyl, tapes and more are all welcome! Hell, even throw in some of Digitalmailmanbro gifts if you are feeling saucy!

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