Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.55] Somebody Set Us Up Theobomb


The Dummköpfe of Dissonance are back after a short fortnight (or 2) off, and they’ve dragged resident honorary potato Theophrastus Bombastus back with them.

Remember when you used to listen to those pleasant, catchy songs they play on the radio? No? Neither does Riff Raff.  Theo, ever the kvlt wunderkind, decided to go full Zero Dark Thirty and torture us (mostly Hans) by choosing “dissonant metal” as the theme.  Luckily Eenzy sounds like he called in on a soup-can-and-string setup, so he’s able to emerge unscathed and drop some hardcore knowledge on Medieval beliefs about petrified sperm and awkward teenage black metal fandom. Finally, The Boiz continue to stoke their rivalry with the poseurs over at Toilet Radio, who have yet to even acknowledge they know Riff Raff exists. We can dream though… [Is this penance for my Ulcerate shidtalking? :sadsac: ~Roldy]

New Music Features This Week

Hans’s Picks
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace – Embracing Null
Mors Verum – The Living

Eenzy’s Picks
Dragged into sunlight – Buried with Leeches
Plebeian Grandstand – Angle Mort

Theo’s Picks
Abyssal – Deus Vult
Michel Anoia – L’ombre et l’errant

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