TWO DAYS LEFT to get a TovH Shirt


Get yours or forever pose.

As alluded to last week, we are selling brand new Toilet ov Hell t-shirts. They are good as hell. It’ll cost you 20 bucks plus shipping. All you need to do is send me an email at and tell me you want one, what size you want, and your complete address. From there, I’ll put in the order with the printing shop and send you the finished product. You can expect to get your shirt near the start of January. Your deadline to send me that email is TOMORROW. Here’s what they look like:

But that’s not all. We have, for some reason, chibi stickers of the two Toilet Radio hosts – me and Jordan. This is weird as hell but I cannot legally stop you from buying them. For five bucks you get a set of six different stickers. Here is a taste:

If you would like to make some of the most inexplicable purchases you can make, just send me an email at Now on to your regularly scheduled programming.

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