Get Your Own Toilet ov Hell T-Shirt


Preorder before December 20th to get your TovH shirt on a high-quality, non Gildan Heavy tee.

FOLKS. It’s been years since we’ve done this. I’ve heard your cries (“Hey man, I might wear a shirt if you had one I guess”) and I will now acquiesce to your demands. FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME, you can pre-order a brand new Toilet ov Hell t-shirt design. This one is a collaboration between us and heavy metal superstar Doktor Ross Sewage. Here it is:

Shirts are 20 bucks plus shipping. Kick in an extra five bucks if you want EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION Toilet Radio stickers featuring the chibi faces of me and Jordan. They’re very strange but very cute.

Important information here: THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. Shirts will not be printed until we have all orders in. This means that I have to set a deadline for orders. You have until DECEMBER 20th, 2023 to order your Toilet ov Hell shirt. Email with the quantity and sizes of shirts that you want PLUS YOUR ADDRESS INCLUDING COUNTRY. From there, I’ll send you PayPal order confirmation with all shipping info included. When orders are in, I’ll print and ship them straight to your house. Questions? Email me at or ask them in the comments below.

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