New Bloodshot Dawn Song “Smoke and Mirrors” RIPS


You guys may remember that Under the Radar post I did a few months ago. You may also remember that the standout band in that post seemed to be Bloodshot Dawn. You all seemed to dig the fuck out of them. So I am here to bring good news! They just released a music video for the first single of their new album Demons. Check it out!

First things first, I noticed the production on this is way better than the previous album. I can actually hear the vocals now! Actually everything sounds top notch now. I love how these dudes bring the thrash and the groove and the awesome. I can’t wait to hear more. Holy fucking fuck that solo! This is great! Here’s a stream of their previous album:

Like these dudes on Facebook, they are gonna be huge. Demons will be out October 26th. Get stoked!

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