Premiere: Carnotaurus – Jagged Toothed Jaws of Primordial Carnage


It’s gettin’ prehistoric in here.

Once you’ve ruled this planet for a couple million years, you deserve some respect, so dinosaurs have rightly been venerated in all sorts of media, including music. Carnotaurus has been worshipping at the altar of the ancient reptiles ever since 2010, and while the moniker of their namesake translates to “meat-eating bull,” this thing was pretty slender and fast as hell. That’s rather fitting, as you shall shortly see, for “Jagged Toothed Jaws of Primordial Carnage,” the track we’re premiering today, takes it anything but slow. It comes from their upcoming split with Power Beast titled Turonian Terror, and the recently finished video with its backdrop consisting of scenes from classic monster movies is a particular treat.

The song title describes one of the most fearsome beasts of old:

“‘Jagged Toothed Jaws of Primordial Carnage’ chronicles the Carcharodontosaurus, one of the largest and most ferocious predators of its time.  Carcharodontosaurus gets its name from the shark-like teeth that lined its massive jaws. It likely used these natural weapons to take down larger prey, causing massive bleeding which weakened their target over time.  The song itself serves as a prime representation of the Carnotaurus sound, combining furious death metal riffing backed by pummeling blast beats with sludge-like grooves heavier than a raging Sauropod. The track is topped off with a rabid lead guitar style and primal vocal growls which tell the story of Carcharodontosaurus stalking its ancient African hunting grounds!”

Could this bad boy bring down a Diplodocus on its own? How many Thecodontosaurs could it ward off? I feel like we’re gonna have to run another tournament bracket here. Or maybe we’ll find out more when Turonian Terror comes out on in November. Get it on tape from Leprotic Limb Records or on either band’s Bandcamp!

Leprotic Limb | Carnotaurus | Power Beast

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