Enter The Crypt And Win A FREE Copy Of Gatecreeper‘s Sonoran Depravation!


Who wants to win a free copy of Gatecreeper‘s latest album Sonoran Depravation?
All of you? Well, shit. I guess you’ll have to compete for it.

Arizona’s Gatecreeper dropped their killer debut album a couple of months back and in doing so, have subsequently been held directly responsible for breaking many necks across the world. The giant crater this thing formed upon impact was not only enough to rouse our beloved moustachioed death metal fiend Leif Bearikson from hibernation, but managed to score a massive 4.5/5 in his glowing review. No mean feat! The bear had only just gone down for the approaching Winter a mere few days before, and as you may know, species of Ursus moustaccium are notoriously shitty about having their slumber interrupted. Fortunately, Gatecreeper’s mix of 90’s Swedeath (Dismember, Entombedet al.) and the muddy stomping grooves of more recent bands such as Black Breath, proved to be both immense and infectious, the thicc af guitar tones appeasing the rustled hunk of hair and claw, lulling him back into his cave with all the riffage he needed for the cold months ahead.

So now you want a piece of this action for yourself? Well, thanks to a very generous member of our amazing TovH community (nbm02ss) you too can get your riff fix courtesy of a free copy of Sonoran Depravation. How, you ask? Simply by inserting the Cryptkeeper into an inappropriate situation in a picture of your choice, the album could be yours. Easy as that. Extra credit if you have a little backstory or funny caption to go along with it. Here’s a crappy 2 minute example of what we’re looking for (although ideally yours will contain actual humour).


With the prospect of awkward end of year family dinners fast approaching, having the Cryptkeeper turn up at one of these renown shitfests might actually be more appropriate than that ignorant half-cut uncle who spouts a seemingly relentless stream of “off-the-cuff” remarks that would make even the most heinous alt-reich despot-to-be cringe. He’d also struggle to fit as much pork crackling into his face-hole as well, leaving some for the other 16 people in attendance. Anyway, you get the point. Put the Cryptkeeper in an inappropriate place, that’s all there is to it.

So let’s see your best. Drop your submissions in the comments below and we’ll determine the winner within the next few days (multiple entries are allowed).

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