Toilet Radio 432 – Deez Snider

Toilet Ov Hell editor Joe Thrashnkill was correct in predicting that David Draiman's recent behavior was due to getting divorced

It’s been a while since we had an unhinged one but here we go:
Joe fucked up the settings on his new mic / We discuss The Shredderz – a Gorillaz-rip off NFT scam cooked up by The Orchard, being pushed by musicians like Alex Skolnick and Dave Davidson, and publicized by metal outlets that The Orchard owns. / David Draiman is divorced, on Tinder. / LiveNation made 3 billion dollars thanks to awful white women / Paul Stanley has stupid thoughts about trans kids. Not to be outdone, Dee Snider has even dumber thoughts about trans kids. Let’s talk about an absolute void of a man. / Vulvodynia’s now former vocalist assaulted the fuck out of their drummer, seems deeply unpleasant / Ted Nugent somehow got cancelled in Birmingham, Alabama lol.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
VinterseaUnveiling Light

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