Flush it Friday: We Never Have to Talk About Tool Again


It’s Friday afternoon. Your coworkers don’t care what you’re doing so shitpost away.

Let’s have some fun. I found a previously unknown level of hell by going to Google and searching “Tool Meme”. The results were fucking breathtaking. Rather than reposting dozens of Reddit cringeposts, I’d like you to get in on the fun. Type in that accursed search and bring your favorite meme to the comments below.

It was a short week in Toilet history but we still put out some solid gold bangers. Richter checked out the latest from Kayo Dot.

Review: Kayo Dot – Blasphemy

Lord of Bork gave the most honest review of the new Tool record yet.

Fear Inoculum is a Thing that Exists

Me and the boys went on a whole nother level of shitposting.

Toilet Radio 202: We Listen to the Entire Tool Album

Maggot Heart Maggot Heart Maggot Heart Maggot Heart Maggot Heart

Maggot Heart: A Live Report

This one is squishy.

Cottus – Cesspool Of Creation: A Video Breakdown


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