Impellitteri – Symptom Of The Universe: A Video Breakdown


What, no one wants to cover anything from Forbidden?

Covering a song is always a tough balancing act. Do you stay true to the original? Do you keep the same feel, but put your on spin on things? Do you rework it and make it something completely different? That question is even harder when you’re covering one of, if not the, most important heavy metal bands in the world.

Kicking around since the early 90’s, LA’s Impelliterri (who may or may not have written their own Wikipedia entry) took a shot at covering Black Sabbath. That’s always a risky task. People still very much love the band and have their minds made up on how the songs should sound. There have been countless Black Sabbath covers and tribute albums. Sometimes the results are good, other times not so much. Impelliterri wisely avoided the super classics and went with a song closer to their west coast heavy metal sound. It takes guts to cover Black Sabbath. It takes more than guts to also make a music video of that cover. Let’s break it down.





When the Blueberry Schnapps finally hits, it hits hard.


This is one of the only acceptable times you can ask “are you wearing space pants?”


Cinnamon is the Ludicrous Speed level above plaid.


That’s not space dust. Ozzy was on set and sneezed.


Apparently one of the symptoms of the universe is to have burned retinas.


I don’t even have this much confidence when ordering lunch.


There may not be air in space, but I hope there’s at least a pair of sunglasses.


Impellitteri’s album The Nature Of The Beast is available now via Frontiers Music srl.

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