Premiere: Ceremony Of Silence Bring The Riffs On ‘Invocation Of The Silent Eye’


Dig Gorgutsian dissonance? Ulcerated inner organs? Gigantic riffs? Get in here NAAOW!

Skip your breakfast, this morning we’ve got a Slovakian 2-piece feed just for you. Those of you who tuned in to our most recent episode of the Riff-Raff podcast would have heard the first pre-release track from this upcoming monster of a debut album from blackened death metal band Ceremony Of Silence, to those who didn’t; (a) you suck, and (b) we’re giving you a second chance courtesy of this new track we’re premering today.

‘Invocation Of The Silent Eye’ is the opening song to Oútis and wastes absolutely no time before making its threatening presence felt. A barrage of riffing ideas melded into one contorting chimera immediately set upon you, synchronised with snapping snare strikes and propulsive bouts of blasting, the band’s technical prowess is matched only by their ability to make a riff fucken bang. The track deftly moves through a sizeable expanse of blackened death metal terrain, never settling for too long in one place, no matter how fertile the pasture. There are certain moments in here where other bands would undoubtedly rest on their laurels and let the riff ride longer, but to Ceremony Of Silence’s credit they transition swiftly into yet another tumultuous passage, keeping the listener not only engaged but on the edge. Already Oútis has overtaken Noctambulist as my most listened to record of its kind this year, providing technical flair, psychotic song-writing, and oppressive atmospherics interwoven with morose melody (think Convulsing crossed with Zhrine), all of which are on display in today’s premiere track. I’ll embed the album’s second track ‘Ceremony Of A Thousand Stars’ at the very bottom so you can follow-up if you really need more evidence before you smash that fucken pre-order. This album will blow your brain in the best possible way.

Pre-order Oútis ready for its April 5th release date through Willowtip Records
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