Weekend Nachos cover Weezer, dankness ensues


One America’s finest powerviolence bands covered vintage Weezer tunes. You won’t believe what happens next!*

It appears that I missed an album or two in my ranking of Record Store Day releases. Lo, to err is human. N E WAYZ, Run for Cover Records put out a number of limited 7″s for the date. Among them, an expected but welcome addition to the Weekend Nachos discography in this two-song 7″ of Weezer covers.

Weezer Nachos features the celebratory lonely nerd anthem “In the Garage” from the The Blue Album and River’s Cuomo’s ode to celibacy “Tired of Sex” from Pinkerton. If you’re expecting ripping fast blast beats and the gorilla vocals you’ve come to expect from DeKalb’s greatest export you’re gonna be… pretty disappointed. Instead, Weekend Nachos play it pretty damn close to the source material. Guitarist Andy Nelson took over vocal duties for these two Weezer tracks, and he does an admirable River Cuomo performance. Weekend Nacho’s take on these songs is roughly 19% beefier than the originals: the guitar solos are more muscular, the bass tone is fatter, the drums hit harder, and there’s a pleasant amount of feedback marinating the whole package. I dig it.

It’s been a long while since I’ve revisited them, but The Blue Album and Pinkerton are still great albums (though I’d prefer to never hear “Undone – The Sweater Song” ever again in my life, thanks Clear Channel). It’s a shame that Weezer broke up after releasing this one-two combo, but I suppose it’s for the best. Who knows what kind of dumb ideas the band would pursue had they stuck it out and returned with a series of increasingly embarrassing albums?


What do you guys think? Too close to the originals? Are you mad that I wrote about Weezer? Would you prefer to hear a power metal cover of “My Name is Jonas”?

*This intro blurb courtesy of Buzzfeed.

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