It’s Tech Death Thursday!


For the first post in this series, I want to talk about a band that is one of the best in this genre. I don’t mean a good band or one of the better bands. I mean one of the best. I’m talking Fallujah good. That band is Beyond Creation. 

Beyond Creation hail from Montreal, Canada (I’m pretty sure Canada has underground technical death metal factories and they aren’t telling us about them). Their debut album The Aura, released in 2011, absolutely blew me away. Beyond Creation represent everything that I love about the tech-death genre: phenomenal drumming, guitar playing, and bass. With tone rarely heard outside of a few Obscura songs and maybe some Quo Vadis, the bass in this band is to die for. On top of that, the vocals seem to ebb and flow with the music. From their debut album, “Coexistence” is one of the best examples of their killer vocal delivery and one of my favorite tech death songs ever. EVER!

Wanna know why I chose to write about these guys, aside from the fact that they create amazing tech death and today is tech death Thursday? They just revealed a new single. It is every bit as good as I would expect and more. You can check it out here.

Season of Mist will have their new album Earthborn Evolution out on October 24th.  You can pre order the album here.

Check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp.



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