Riff Of The Week: Brains Edition


Riffs from Ripper, Atheist, Sweven, Iced Earth, Neurogenic, Torture Squad, Igorrr, and Brotha Lynch Hung.

Last week we had a buncha irish shit up in here for our Éire Edition. Unsurprisingly the perennial pick among poopers Altar Of Plagues edged out my celticdork choice. Thankfully we got some better competition this week.

This week’s theme was Brains
Let’s see what you sent in…

Brotha Lynch Hung – “Locc 2 Da Brain” (Riff @ 3:44)

Once again, I come with a non-metal riff. That being said, Lynch is probably the closest rap ever got to death metal without embracing some embarrassing hybrid bullshit. Seriously, the music is excellent G Funk with Lynch spitting lines about cannibalism. It may not win, but it still deserves a listen.

Igorrr – ‘Opus Brain’ (Riff @ 5:11)

I love me some Igorrr and this is my second favorite song of theirs (after the one with the accordion and Travis Ryan – I’m not kidding). Harpsichord, mandolin, sitar, you name it it’s probably played on this song. The riff itself is neither complex or fast but the whole song builds up to this and it is a fitting end.

Ripper – ‘Neuronal Unity’ (Riff @ 2:36)

I feel good in my neuronal unity when listening to this. Shit’s bonkers!
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Iced Earth – “Brainwashed” (Riff @ 2:11)

With all of the extra hand washing going on right now, Jon Schaffer would like to remind you that you must not forget to wash your brain. Use this riff to give your thinker a scrub.

Atheist – ‘Brain Damage’ (Riff @ 0:34)

Since “Brains” will probably and hopefully be submitted, I went with this nasty riff from their Demo instead cause it’s sick

Sweven – ‘The Sole Importance’ (Riff @ 1:41)

“Death Metal for Your Brain“. Uhh, the brain is of “sole importance“ to your survival and function? The major chord riff coming in out of nowhere at 1:41 will imprint directly onto your brain? Work with me here it’s been a stressful week.

I could have chosen literally any song off of this album. Or any riff. Heck, I could have sent in the Gregorian-esque chants from “Sanctum Sanctorum” or the bonkers keyboarding off of “Visceral Blight”. This album transcends riffs. Sweven (formerly Morbus Chron, basically) has made an album that lurches and grooves and worms it’s way into your brain like fungal mycelia (see track 5 “Mycelia”). You should have bought this yesterday.
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Torture Squad – ‘Agonies In Your Brain’ (Riff @ 0:22)

Brazilian death/thrash.

Neurogenic – ‘Spirited Bloody Emesis’ (Riff @ 0:00)

My brain worms fucked me over again. Sorry everyone, have some insane Russian shit as recompense.

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