Premiere: Hellripper would prefer that we All Hail The Goat


And we’re like, “you’re preaching to the choir, dude.”

Regardless of which of his projects you prefer, there’s no denying that James McBain churns out some quality shit. Not only that, but he seems to just keep improving. Hellripper has been his main focus for quite a while now, and with each release, his chops on the guitar grow ever more outrageous. It looks like the upcoming EP Black Arts And Alchemy will be no exception – judging by the opener “All Hail The Goat”, fretboards went up in flames at the studio.

That’s some mighty fast, mighty tasty riffing right there, particularly in the break around 1:35. If you somehow remain unconvinced, stick around a bit longer, and the solo will scorch your ears off. As per usual, embedded in the top-notch music you will find maximum lyrical corniness. It’s a wholesome package that stands head and shoulders above other contenders in the field.

James from the band had this to say –

All Hail the Goat was the first song written and recorded for the EP and is a song that I think perfectly encapsulates what Hellripper is all about – it’s fast, it’s fun and has somewhat “over-the-top” Satanic lyrics that are nice to sing along to!

For more Satanic Speed Metal goodness, be sure to check out Black Arts And Alchemy when it drops on April 5th. Follow Hellripper on Facebook and keep an eye on all the Bandcampz to catch it:


Reaper Metal Productions

Redefining Darkness

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