Mailmanbro, Merchmanbro and even Recordstorebro!


Yes, yes more pictures of our hauls. Deal with it. And show us some of your own in the meantime.

The Mailmanbro and Merchmanbretheren are indeed both a big part of our lives as metalheads. Many tales have been told of his triumphs and much more are yet to be shared. Below are some of the hauls from this past month; including a plethora of shirts, CDs, records, a few tapes and even a patch. Observe!

First, we have the mighty man known as Freedom Jew sharing with us his powerful merch haul from ProgPower. Blind Guardian, Fates Warning, Theocracy, Serious Black, Wulfhook and much more. This is what glory looks like folks.

freedom-jew1 freedom-jew2


Next, we have the crying clown Pagliacci with his ShadowWoods merch haul and a few new pieces from Neurosis, Opeth and Russian Circles from Mailmanbro.

pagilicci pagilicci2 pagilicci3


The mighty Karhu still hasn’t received a steady camera, but he did get these three Bal Sagoth albums!



Tyree was delivered some downright nasty looking jams and shirts by the Mailmanbro. Just look:

tyree tyree2tyree4 tyree3


On a lighter note, JJD, with the help of Jimmy Buffett and Captain&Tennile, help to calm us down with some soothing dad jams.



Maik Beninton scored an old school Sepultura patch that will hopefully end up on a sick battle vest.



Scrimm proves, yet again, that you can never have enough Demilich in your life and adds some Shed the Skin and Insect Warfare to his collection.


scrimm scrimm2


Merchmanbro supplied Fine Sexy Ladies some Cobalt and Leprous threads to cover his fine sexy body and Mailmanbro delivered Hell for his fine sexy ears.


fine-sexy-ladies14713734_10205385116706661_3256406428368007052_n-1 finesexyladies


As it should be, Spear received a healthy dose of Tech Death in the form of Crator and GLORIOUS TRIUMPHANTNESS in the form of the ever magical Twilight Force.




Mailmanbro fed even more into JAG’s cassette addiction with choice picks from Melvins and Saint Vitus.


jag jag2


Elegant Gazing Globe we brought a pretty nifty Sumerlands LP, signed Fates Warning and Entropy record. Also a limited edition of an album that surely needs no introduction




Stanley hasn’t shown up for the past few months, so to play keep he has provided some excellent picks to include Occult Burial, Slaegt, Hostium, Moonspell, Caladan Brood and Desaster. This haul is blacker than sin on Sunday.


14681080_10154190898318645_5292482707420864889_o 14713077_10154190900503645_7287765105149300858_o 14714910_10154190902543645_5817957169310505633_o


Timesmash received a metric shit-ton of Hydra Head releases, I spy Pelican and Big Business. 




Mailmanbro brought me a couple Sequestered Keep shirts and one from Wasteland Riders. Reocrdstorebro hooked me up with Wolfpack, Enslaved and a blue Clutch record.




Now it is your turn, our faithful readers! Show us what trinkets, threads and goodies your mailmanbro delivered to your doorstep!


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