PREMIERE: Scorched – “Dealings of a Gruesome Kind”


Get you some down and dirty Delware death metal.

Back in 2014, I tried in vain to find a single great metal band in Delaware. My labors were for naught. That’s because Delaware-based Scorched had yet to record their fiery take on OSDM. Since then, they’ve put out a filthy demo cassette in 2015 and the best split of 2016 on their 4-way release with Gatecreeper, Outer Heaven, and Homewrecker (who share a drummer with Scorched).

Scorched Album

If it’s not immediately clear from looking at that album art, Scorched are a band obsessed with horror. Their debut LP Echoes of Dismemberment is sure to thrill horror junkies and OSDM fiends with 11-tracks of filthy, crusty, death metal. “Dealings of a Gruesome Kind” fades in with a foreboding march of a riff that opens up like a rusty Swiss army knife. Both violent and sticky, “Dealings of a Gruesome Kind” would be a fitting theme for a slasher film.

Echoes of Dismemberment is out in November. Pre-order it through Unspeakable Axe and get it for just ten bones! Follow Scorched on Facebook and tell ’em “What it do”

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