Mailpersonbro Is Back From Holiday!


I was taking a hiatus from this series because of the holidays and because anytime I would poke my head into the TovH Social Club on Facebook (no, I’m not giving you a link), I would see lots of people posting their hauls on there. Yes in that trite, combative platform of social media which is at risk of consuming real life if we don’t put a stop it. Do people prefer showing their hauls on social media instead of here on the blog? Maybe it’s just because Mailpersonbro has been slacking. Lemme see if I can remedy that here and now. Listen to this smooth jam and check out the hauls (clicking an image will open it in a new tab):

Elegant Gazing Globe

…makes most of us look bad with his incredible display of merch. We might be seeing that t-shirt again!


…must not have known that we were all joking about Sacred Son. And what a delightful looking bed! I wonder if he’ll share it with us.


…has a great sense of fashion. BTW, how is that Tommy Wiseau record?


…gets major kudos on snagging that limited edition, numbered vinyl (69 out of 420… noice!)

Karhu, Paddlin’ Rites ov

…likes Anthrax. Because they rule. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


…got his first turntable and cassette deck. I guess he felt left out of the hipster circle. (P.S. Finland rules!)

Slapjack the Wanderer

…is a really nice guy whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year. And he isn’t doing much that we can make fun of. Wait, is that more Sacred Sun? I take it back.

Ted Nu-Djent

…wants to impress the lasses with a Wings of Lemmy shirt wrapped around those swole arms.

The Mighty Thorange

…knows that not all power metal is bad! Lukewarm take: everyone needs more Iced Earth in their lives.

So who wins this round? (My money is on GrumpDumpus, here and in all aspects of life.)

Hey, if you would like to share your recent haul with the millions of people reading the blog, send me pics via electronic mail at cyrollan[at]gmail[dot]com! I imagine it’s difficult to resist the temptation to post every new purchase on the vile wasteland that is Facebook and harvest all that sweet, sweet karma; but the blog is cooler. Fuck Facebook.

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