Mailmanbro & Merchtablebro Hauls for May


Hi everyone, it’s time to show some siqq hauls. We here at the TovH don’t discriminate on how you obtain your hauls, even if you have to steal (just please don’t beg or borrow). This includes packages from the mailperson, visits to a merch table at your local dive bar, or a dank smelling record store. Listen to some smooth jams whilst you peruse (clicking an image will open it in a new tab):

Nordling Rites ov Karhu

Boss the Ross

D. Lee

The Gazing Globe of Elegance (brings us a Failmanbro as well)

Fine Sexy Ladies


Iron Lawnmower

Lord ov Bork




Ted Nu-Djent

As always, if you’d like to show your recent haul on the blog, just send me an e-mail (cyrollan[at]gmail[dot]com) or an instant message on Facebook (I can be found in the social club), and I’ll be happy to help you brag to the world!

* I’d like to thank The Akerstache for the music recommendaysh, not only does that band slay, the album is about World War 1 – the coolest of the two world wars.

** I’d also like to thank 365 Days ov Horror for the excellent header image. 666 / 666, friend!

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