Sunday Sesh: Seasons In The Abyss (Autumn)


As the seasons change, so can our tastes. The shift from the extreme seasons into their moderate counterparts brings about some respite from the harsh heat of Summer or the grim frigidity of Winter. Over the years, I’ve noticed a tendency in my listening habits to gravitate towards certain genres (over others) at different times of the year. After your keen response to the 9-Steps Of Musical Progression a few Sundays ago, I thought it would be interesting to hear from you flushers on what you tend to listen to at this time of year. So take a seat on the porcelain rim and speak into the bowl for this Sunday Sesh. 

While Winter may have just ceased here in the Southern Hemisphere, we have moved abruptly into what feels like Summer, completely skipping the comfortable segue that is Spring. As I know the majority of you live North of the Equator, this article will be based on Autumn and us Southerners can will transpose our answers accordingly.

Although death metal is something that I listen to year round at a reasonably consistent frequency, during Autumn, I find a lot of instrumental stuff creeping in alongside. Not that there necessarily has to be a reason for this but I think it could be attributed to a desire for a quiet reflective period after the summer festivities have ceased and the cold is approaching. Stoner rock/metal also seems to feature prominently during these months for me. Whether it is my subconscious just trying to hold on to the last glimmers of those long days and warm nights, or just because it’s the most comfortable time of year to drive around with the windows down, letting the wind bellow through the car while something like Red Fang or Solaire (Best Unsigned Band In South Carolina) fights against the gusts. I don’t know the exact answer, but it happens.

So what genre(s) do you find yourself listening to during Autumn? Do you find that you too, seem to be drawn to certain styles and do you think they have a correlation with your personal ‘feel’ of the season? Or do you stick to the same stuff year-round, like some obstinate monolith weathering in the elements? Maybe you think your choices are random, whatever the case, let’s hear it in the comments below.

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