Toilet Radio 332 – Edge of the Axe (feat. Axeslasher)


OH SHIT it’s the first week of the October Spooktacular! This week we’re joined by an old friend. Professor Pizza of Axeslasher drops by to discuss EDGE OF THE AXE, an 80s slasher about a boy, a manic pixie dream girl, and the wonders of AOL Instant Messenger. This American/Spanish collaboration is sure to surprise, delight, and confuse all slasher fans with jokes about old ass wives, bodacious ta-ta’s, and telling your landlord you love him.

If you’re in the greater Denver area, be sure to catch Axeslasher with Necropanther at the Hi-Dive on October 22nd. Also, you can use promo code DEVILSNIGHT for 13% off your order of Axeslasher merch right here!

NEXT WEEK: We’re watching Jakob’s Wife (2021) with a very special guest. Log into Shudder and join us next time as the October Spooktacular continues.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
AxeslasherThe Drive In Oath

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