Toilet Radio Doesn’t Need Joe Thrashnkill


Well this is some fucken bullshit. I disappeared for a few days and 2/3 of Toilet Radio ran a mutiny by writing and recording and editing an episode without any of my essential input or trenchant insights. I guess that all things considered, this is a pretty good one. Breno and 365 covered every essential item in metal, including but not limited to:

  • Fieldy of KoRn has a new solo album. Is it good? Of course not!
  • A start-up for holding jackets at shows in cold climates.
  • Getting crowd killed to fuck at a Chelsea Grin show.
  • Every Time I Die getting sued for injuring a kid in the audience at their show.
  • The ethics of confronting a Nazi IRL.
  • Teenage white supremacist Tumblr girls.
  • The great Anthrax vs Megadeth feud begins anew.

Music featured on this show:
Harakari for the Sky – “Tomb Omnia” from Arson (Preorder)(Facebook)


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