Meet Wodos and More of Your New Favorite Bands


What? You’ve never heard of Teutonic Thrash legends Wodos? Poser.

Wodos SodomI was browsing eBay for vintage metal gear, as I am wont to do, when I discovered my new favorite band. I know what you’re all thinking, “GEEZ, Thrashnkill. How are you so late to the Wodos party?” I’m sorry guys, I can’t know EVERYTHING. I checked out Dead Off Better before backtracking to Cruelty by Obsessed and Evil of the Sign the In. Suffice to say, Wodos rocks pretty hard! I decided to check out some more more older bands that I missed. If you’ve never checked them out, now is a great time to explore these bands!

, Portugal’s greatest Christian metal band.

, a long running technical death metal band that explores mid-century French folklore.

donionD’Onion, the tightest Funyun themed parody thrash band

, a band of street racing toughs that live life a quarter mile at a time.

It’s-a SISI, the Italian post metal band that will always trick-a you!

O uuns
, blistering drum machine-powered cybergrind from Hungary.

Mor Diks

Mor Diks, a crew of Sebastian Bach impersonators.

h/t Boss The Ross

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