PREMIERE: Helslave – “Desecration”


Swedeath with an Italian twist.

Helslave is a crew of Italian dudes with their eyes fixed solely to the North. Formed in 2009, Helslave set out to create sounds that mix melodeath alongside old school Swedish death metal. After a solid first release, An Endless Path, the band has grown tighter and more musically dynamic for Divination, their latest release. We’re stoked to premiere a new track from that EP. “Desecration” is a delight. The track is a HM-2 driven march punctuated by Diego Laino’s utterly savage “BLEH” at 0:28, a slowed-down death metal breakdown, and a buttery smooth melodic guitar solo. I’m getting serious Entombed and At the Gates vibes.

What would happen if more Italians started experimenting with Swedish exports? ABBA but sexy? Ice hockey played on gelato? IKEA meatballs but spicy? Who knows? But Helslave rips. Check it out yourself.

Divination drops June 24 on Black Market Metal Label. Preorder the CD here, check out their Bandcamp here, and then give them a like on Facebook.

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