Stuck Mojo – Rape Whistle: A Video Breakdown



For those too young to remember or whose excessive drinking has managed to kill the right brain cells, Atlanta, Georgia’s Stuck Mojo was a rap metal band. Though not nearly as famous as, say, Biohazard, the band did enjoy a decent amount of success. Lead by rapper Bonz and guitarist/clean vocalist Rich Ward, the band released multiple albums through Century Media and toured with the likes of Machine Head and Slapshot. They even had a music video starring WCW wrestlers when the company was white hot.

As with every music trend, Stuck Mojo started to fade, with a few breakups and reformations here and there. Rich Ward joined pro wrestler Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy before eventually putting out a self-released Stuck Mojo album sans Bonz called Southern Born Killers. Not many people may think Stuck Mojo was a political band, but oh holy Pigwalk was this album political in the dumbest way possible. Like, I want to slowly back away from my computer because of that album. Well, lucky for us, Stuck Mojo are back and, boy do they have things to say.

In regards to the band’s new song/video “Rape Whistle”, new vocalist Robby J Fonts had this to spew via his shit-tastic anti-choice, transphobic, Islamaphobic or just plain old fucking stupid website,

“YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are all platforms that have open political biases and are known for censoring right-wingers. For platforms that are supposed to connect people in an exchange of content over the internet, they seem to place a huge emphasis on disconnecting people instead.

For those of you who are unaware, I am the current frontman for a rock band called, Stuck Mojo. A group that has always been composed of members from different social and political backgrounds.

We recently released a music video for our song, “Rape Whistle” off our latest album, “Here Come The Infidels” and the video is currently being censored by YouTube, due to its artistic content.

Here’s the rundown: Rape Whistle was released on March 6th 2017 and had an organic view count growth of over 20,000 views per day during the first three days that it was online.

The days following its debut, the count rose by only a few hundred views at a time. YouTube had quickly frozen our view count, because it does not fit their agenda.

By freezing our view count, the video can no longer reach ANY of the most viewed video lists on YouTube, preventing new viewers and listeners from hearing about us and our video through their platform.

YouTube blew the Rape Whistle on us.

If an individual or a group can be censored for creating art, what’s stopping those in control from censoring anyone else for any reason at all?

Censorship only limits knowledge and encourages ignorance. If we continually shut down everyone we disagree with, then we’ll only end up eliminating thought-provoking discussions from taking place.

The thing is, people love to celebrate ideas that stand out.

Censoring anything only arouses human curiosity. It’s the “Adam and Eve” effect. The more they tell you that you can’t have something, the more you want it.

Stuck Mojo has always been a band that fires shots at everybody. We believe that anyone and anything should be subject to criticism. Nothing should ever be off limits. We call it how we see it and we aren’t afraid to be the outcasts.

The original inspiration for Rape Whistle came from the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, France and the Curtis Culwell Center attack in Garland, Texas. Both terrorist attacks occurred in 2015 and happened due to artists displaying artistic and satirical drawings of Mohammed.

The entire basis of an ideology like Islam, just like socialism, communism, and any other tyrannical dictatorship is censorship and conformity. Their religion tells people how to think, live, dress and punishes its followers for disobedience of any kind. It’s anti-individual and anti-freedom and I will never feel bad for criticizing something or someone that deserves to face criticism.

The idea that someone can get so offended to the point that they feel the need to take away somebody’s life is inexcusable. I don’t care who or what you believe in, no one has the right to take away someone’s life, except of course in a situation of self-defense.

Whatever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”? Seems like we’re living in a society that is too concerned about being offended or not offending others, that we are willing to embrace people who will cause us actual physical harm.

I don’t have a problem with anyone disagreeing with me. What I have a problem with is people wanting others to be silenced, get hurt or even die over something as trivial as a difference in opinion. Threatening to make somebody suffer, because they think differently is not tolerance or peacefulness…it’s hatred.

The beauty of the U.S. is that the liberty of the individual has greater importance than the collective. However, the way that mainstream media and social media platforms present their biases and censor ideas they disagree with, seems to be leading us towards the miserable thought-controlled world that George Orwell imagined in his novel, “1984”.

The basic idea of Freedom of Speech is that anyone should be allowed to say anything they want. It’s a fundamental right that needs to be protected. We must continue to stand up to anyone who threatens to take our free speech away. Whether it’s government, social media platforms like YouTube, rioters or terrorists, we can’t and won’t ever allow anyone to bully us into silence.

When free speech is completely gone and we are no longer allowed to say what we please that is when freedom itself will be truly lost.”


From the bottom of my heart and from everyone here at Toilet Ov Hell, I’d just like to say “Shut the fuck up, Robby J. Fonts.” “Youtube blew the Rape Whistle on us” How fucking self-absorbed, ignorant, and flat-out wrong can you possibly be? Go back to whatever hole Rich Ward dug you out of, you fucking dingus.

Normally in Video Breakdowns, we’d start with the silly comments or gifs, but literally one second into the video and my brain wants to explode. Even if you don’t want to watch the video, at least take a look at this screenshot.

What? WHAT?! WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! I know what those words mean individually, but that statement doesn’t make sense. It’s like someone took Glenn Beck and a Twitter account with a crying eagle as its avatar, tossed it into a blender, and then peed on it. This is not going to be fun. Alright, let’s get this over with.

0:01: Please see above statement for accurate feelings.
0:10: I guess we need real ignorant music to go with real ignorant thoughts and opinions.
0:17: They had to do this all in one take. They only get 15 minute breaks at Spencer’s Gifts.
0:23: I strongly believe this is how they act whether there’s a camera around or not.
0:27: Helpful life lesson: Immediately ignore someone who says “thought police” and means it.
0:35: The most oppression Robby has ever faced was when the mall security guard told him to stop hanging out in front of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels.
0:39: Guys holding guns in a menacing manner on loan from King 810.
0:43: Yes, Stuck Mojo wouldn’t be complete without a Confederate flag.
0:50: They also wouldn’t be complete without second-hand embarrassment.
0:57: Robby has got Restless Whiteboy Hands syndrome real bad.
1:02: Lucky for him, he’s still covered under Obamacare.
1:04: I suggest you use it, Robby. It’s probably hard to pull yourself up by your bootstraps with those wiggly pipe cleaners.
1:13: It’s safe to assume that they don’t have amps in this video because they couldn’t afford them.
1:18: Or maybe they just hocked them to buy more freedom guns and liberty bullets.
1:25: Robby, you’re a white male. You get paid more than women and you are less likely to be stopped by police. You’re fine.
1:30: Although, you’re quickly climbing the ranks of “Much Punchable Face”.
1:33: That award still goes to Ted Cruz.
1:37 With Nigel Farage not too far behind.
1:44: God, I can practically taste the stale Red Bull and menthol cigarettes.
1:54: Is he trying to say that people who criticize things are the same as women who use rape whistles? Is he saying that rape whistles are bad? Is he equating being called “a fucking moron with shit opinions” the same as rape? Does he think people accused of rape get a bad rap? No one is denying your free speech. You’re not a victim. The song should be called “Stupid Convoluted Mixed Metaphors”.
2:05: I feel like I’m back in a Politics 101 class from freshman year.
2:14: Mmmm that’s some good message co-opting.
2:20: You’re free to say what you want. That doesn’t mean you’re free from the consequences of saying what you want.
2:27: I’ll bet he has an entire dresser drawer dedicated to hentai.
2:32: His whole room probably stinks like dried jizz and failure.
2:39: Someone should ask Rich Ward’s other band member Chris Jericho if he feels the same way as Stuck Mojo.
2:45: That’s the face of a man who says “cuck”.
2:51: Maybe I just expect too much for someone who has the cognitive dissonance to say “Truth is, we have it good here in the west. Quit crying us rivers,” on his piss-baby blog.
2:55: Oh, and he also said this: “Our traditional western values were working just fine ‘till we decided to flip the script. We traded manly men for feminist wimps. Feelings over logic. Citizens for illegals. Women for obnoxious prudes. The white picket fence and a dog for a dirty tiny apartment and an aborted fetus. Handouts over hard work. Tyranny over freedom. The hard truth for comforting lies.”
2:59: What a fucking manly man patriot that shits the Constitution and autoerotic asphyxiates to John Wayne movies.
3:12: At least you have a nice, safe space for your vile bullshit, Robby.

Robby and all of Stuck Mojo, consider this my personal invitation to come on to the Toilet Ov Hell podcast. Let’s chat about your new album Here Come The Infidels, your opinion on women, minorities, trans people, and anything else in this world that burns your buns. Send a message to We’ll be waiting.

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