Toilet ov Hell and The Circle Pit Proudly Present the Nerds Across the Northeast Tour


Our good pals in Hadean are embarking on an East Coast conquest, and this time, they’ve brought back up.

We here at Toilet ov Hell are big fans of the mathematical, sexed-up sorcery conjured by the sagacious seneschals of saxiphied sensuality known only as Hadean. Guitarist David Parnell and his bandmates are riding high on the back of On Fading and a bunch of killer shows with Pyrrhon and Arketype so now is the perfect time to witness the magic and energy and power of the sax live. East Coast Toileteers, don’t miss them.

But Hadean aren’t the only delicious item in this nerd smorgasbord. Fans of progressive instrumental music in the vein of Scale the Summit or Ovid’s Withering will surely enjoy the mythic scales of Capture the Sun. The Portland, Maine quartet know well the power of dynamic tension and release for crafting memorable, cathartic progressive music, but they’re also well aware of the need for instrumental metal to make big, bold statements and to layer in sexy melodies to hook listeners. Let me to tell you, things don’t get much bigger than the intro track “A War is Coming to this Island” (wherein the band channels Igor Stravinsky’s seminal Rite of Spring) followed by the dense, almost byzantine leads of “||:REPEAT:||” that somehow remain utterly captivating and thought-provoking throughout. If you enjoy these first two tracks, the album offers up a scrumptious serving of 11 more morsels sure to please your proggy palate.

For my money, though, it’s this Legend of Zelda cover tune that has my inner-virgin heart sold.

Chronologist are this geek sandwich’s wildcard, but I’m sure fans of djenty, progressive music will enjoy their instrumental stylings. If the track “Sky Garden” is anything to go by, this band fits in perfectly with Hadean and Capture the Sun.

Dates for this most excellent of tours are shown below. Don’t miss them or be forever labelled a blockheaded jock.


You can learn more about each band here, here, and here.

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