Premiere: Dischordia – ‘The Whip’


A conflict of interests.

As long-time visitors of the site will no doubt know, one of our original members was a man who went by the name of Stockhausen (Stocky/Josh/Turner). We’ve covered his band Dischordia numerous times, from reviews to tour diaries to even letting him pen literally hundreds of posts for the page. Needless to say, he’s become a great friend to many of us; so you might assume there’s a kind of journalistic conflict of interest with us agreeing to premiere Dischordia’s newest song from their upcoming album Triptych. However, I’m going to circumvent all those potential issues of integrity by telling you why you shouldn’t ever hit play on this link down below.

Firstly, you’ve already heard Gorguts‘ Coloured Sands. Why would you want to listen to anything else in the dissonant death metal sphere? Dischordia are not Gorguts. Despite Josh’s best intentions of emulating the insane skill it takes to perform vocals while playing intricate and demanding guitar riffs (à la Luc Lemay) Josh fucks it up by playing bass instead of guitar. A master craftsman of the 6+ strings, he is not. He might think playing all those wonky and imaginative basslines in the manner of Colin Marston will confuse us, but at the end of the day, it’s not fooling anyone.

Speaking of Colin Marston, the band somehow convinced him to produce the album. Once again, trying to trick us into thinking they’re Gorguts. Not gonna work. Now, I’m gonna let you in on an even bigger fuck-up on Dischordia’s part. They’re not even from Canada, or Brooklyn. They’re not even from the cold-climate close to the border like Sunless. The idiots in Dischordia are from fucken Oklahoma. Yep, you read that correctly. Absolute fail. These goons are supposed to be playing pay-to-play festivals with 74 other stretcher earring-adorned deathcore bands called some variation of Infect The Spawn (new album out every 3 months!!!1!). Nobody is going to care about your incredibly well composed instrumentation, out-of-the-box song structures, and technically impressive riffing if you’re from the WRONG part of the world. Don’t even try to mention that the songs also somehow manage to be catchy. You’re from Oklahoma.

Another obvious fuck-up you’ll notice during Triptych is there’s a whole interlude section featuring the flute. Flute. Now as we know, Josh is a music teacher so it’s not surprising that he has recordings of all kinds of instruments on his computer, but the fact that what is obviously some weird rendition he was preparing for his school class ended up on the album’s final mix is unforgivable. I’m sure they’ll pass it off as being “experimental” or whatever, but we all know the truth. Dischordia are posers. Don’t even click that link to follow them on Facebook for tour news, they’ll never tour again after this album.


Don’t check out the other pre-release tracks below.

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